As an international pioneer in interactive entertainment, Nintendo Co Ltd (Kyoto, Japan) produces and markets Hardware and software for their TV-bound consoles Wii U ™ and Wii ™, the Nintendo 3DS ™ and the mobile Nintendo DS ™ product family. Since 1983, when it released the Nintendo Entertainment System ™, the company has sold over 4.4 billion video games and more than 696 million gaming machines  worldwide. Nintendo has also created icons of the video game culture, including world-famous characters such as Mario ™, Donkey Kong ™, Metroid ™, Zelda ™, and Pokémon ™.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary, Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), serves as the headquarters for Nintendo's European business since 1990.

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Tee Tee

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The Limo Lounge is a drinks lounge with a fine lemonade and beer assortment, where people can also enjoy a variety of SNES, N64 and board games. With 5 rooms available to the public, it is the perfect place to have a relaxing time and enjoy a refreshing beverage.