Seal the Deal III
11:00 AM11:00

Seal the Deal III

  • 16 Aschenbergplatz Fulda, HE, 36039 Germany (map)
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General Information:
Our smash tournament in the beautiful baroque city of Fulda. Extremely easy to reach from all Germany due to it's central location. Also our biggest venue, with 206 m², more than enough space to play and enjoy the tournament, with a huge projector to boot.

SmashLabs Thread (German):

The Pot for the Singles Tournament will be 5€ per participant, and will be distributed among the Top 3 Players (60-30-10). In addition, we will have Games, Amiibos and Merchandise provided by our Partner Nintendo!

Costs and Registration

Venue Fee: 13€
Singles: 5€
Total for the Event: 18€

TV: -1€
WiiU: -1€

Feel free to follow us on social media, your support is much appreciated!

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